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BigHthePlumber offer External wall insulation with our partners Baumit and are NSAI and SEAI Registered Contractors for External Wall, Internal Dry Lining and Roof Insulation.
Our aim is to provide a high standard of Insulation for all our customers to enable them to achieve not only a warm, comfortable home but also, to help them towards a BER Cert of B2 in existing properties and A2 in new builds.
One of the many benefits of a high standard of insulation is lower Carbon Emissions and Running Costs of your chosen heating system.

Cost of quotation to include plan and costs from suppliers €100, refundable on completion of works – Prices excluding VAT’


External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the placement of insulating boards on the external surface of all the vertical walls of a building. This protects the building from fluctuating weather conditions, reduces heat losses from inside the building and will prevent external temperature changes from affecting the interior climate. EWI keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer, ensuring a home with a pleasant atmosphere by eliminating sharp and high changes in indoor temperature. EWI will also reduce energy consumption terms of energy consumed for heating and cooling.
It is a common method used in Europe and throughout the world of insulating homes and commercial building.


Initially, the main reason for choosing an External Wall Insulation solution is that EWI will achieve higher thermally insulating results by protecting the walls from changes in outdoor temperature, taking advantage of the thermal capacity of the existing walls and more effectively avoiding thermal bridges.
Therefore, with EWI, the maximum possible reduction in heating or air-conditioning costs can be achieved. Another reason for opting for EWI is to enhance renovations. If renovating the exterior of a building, opting for an EWI solution provides great flexibility for architectural and design choices.



Excellent thermal performance and high impact resistance. User friendly and cost effective. Available from 20mm to 300mm.

Mineral wool

Highly breathable and non-combustible insulation with excellent acoustic properties. Suitable for high rise and stone buildings. Mineral wool can be supplied in a wide range of thickness to achieve any U value.

Phenolic Insulation

Premium thermal performance insulation board for extra thin application. Available in thickness from 50mm to 100mm with double layering possible if greater thickness is required.


SilikonTop – Silicone

• Premium protection
• Water and dirt repellent
• High coverage
• Suitable for coastal areas
• Vapour permeable

SilikonTop is part of Baumit’s premium range and is more flexible than other renders and keeps its colour for longer. Available in 888 different shades.

GranoporTop – Acrylic

• Easy workability
• Low water absorption
• Cost efficient

Baumit GranoporTop is a cost efficient option – an easy to use solution for your basic render needs.


• Highly flexible and self-cleaning
• New Photocat technology – stain & mould resistant
• For protection and enhancement of façades

Through the use of nanotechnology, Baumit NanoporTop can protect the plaster surface from various environmental contaminants. Baumit NanoporTop is ready to use, highly flexible and self-cleaning.

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