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New Builds

Building your new home can be demanding, it’s vital to choose a business you can rely on. Pick a business that has great feedback from previous customers, a competent plumber who will work methodically and to plan and who will be welcoming and obliging with other tradesmen on-site.

BigHthePlumbers are specialists with over 30 years' of knowledge and experience in the industry. We are always punctual, have an outstanding work ethic and trustworthy reputation. BigHthePlumbers strive to offer an excellent customer service.


What is nZEB? A nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) is a building "that has a very high energy performance where the nearly zero or low amount of energy required should be covered, to a very significant extent, by energy from renewable sources including energy from renewable sources produced or on site or nearby." This definition was inserted into the Building Regulations in January 2017.

If you obtained planning permission for your home after April 1st 2019, you will need to meet the nZEB standard and substantial completion must be achieved by April 1st 2020. After 2020, all homes irrespective of when they received planning permission should achieve the new standard.

This applies to a new build, change of use or major renovations, it also applies to Part 8 applications.

Rest assured, each member of our team, in addition to the requisite Safe Pass, Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels Certs are also nZEB qualified.

In accordance with these new standards, BigHthePlumbers will require –

  • Works to be designed to current Building Regulations.

  • An uploaded Provisional BER complete with Part L specification must be available to Big H at pricing stage.

  • In light of Part L being revised to the new nZEB standards applicable in early 2020 and given that all new works must be designed to this to comply, it is imperative that all new documents reflect and are compliant. We at Big H can only tender to this new nZEB standard.

  • Unlike in previous times with changes to building regulations, ‘transitional arrangements’ were traditionally lengthy. The current practice is for a very short ‘transitional arrangements’ time period. This occurred with the introduction of Part B – Fire Safety in 2017, and given the importance of the nZEB regulation part L – Conservation of fuel and energy- Dwellings, it is expected that there will be no leeway given with its production and implementation .

  • Big H require that the proposed works will be registered on the BCMS System when it comes to the Commencement Notice, have an assigned Certifier appointed, and the resulting BCAR procedure will be followed in full.

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Cost of quotation to include plan and costs from suppliers €100, refundable on completion of works - Prices excluding VAT'

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