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Book Your Oil Heating System Install or Oil Boiler Service with BigHthePlumbers

Oil Heating Installation and Maintenance

Even top brand oil boilers need to be replaced roughly every 15 years. You may have your oil burner serviced regularly but, it will still experience General wear and tear as with any equipment with moving parts. Overtime, there will have been numerous mechanical and technological improvements and updates which, in general, help the boilers to work more efficiently.


Established in 1991, OFTEC has grown to become one of the leading advisory bodies for the liquid fuel heating industry. The registration scheme for installers and service technicians is one of the largest in the Ireland and the UK for the off-gas grid sector. To become registered, technicians must complete approved training and assessments every five years, their work will also be inspected by OFTEC appointed regional inspectors at regular intervals throughout their registration. These requirements ensure that all OFTEC registered technicians work to regional building regulations and are able to give professional advice to customers. Regular communication from OFTEC ensures that registered technicians are informed when there is a change to building regulations.

BigHthePlumbers were one of the first in Ireland to become OFTEC registered.


We offer the full range of OFTEC CERTIFIED WORKS to include the following:

  • Oil Boiler Installation and heating controls with OFTEC CD/10

  • Oil Boiler Servicing & Commission with OFTEC CD/11 Cert

  • OIL Tank Installation plus spillage and fire risk assessment with OFTEC T1/133D

  • Landlord installation check with OFTEC CD/ 12

Oil Boiler & Oil Tank installations – Request a Quote


Charges to include OFTEC Certificates


  • OFTEC CD/10: €120

  • OFTEC CD/11 to include Cert with Analyser Printout, oil filter nozzle and burner hoses: €250

  • OFTEC T1/133D: €120

  • OFTEC CD/12 to include Analyser Printout: €120

Cost of quotation to include plan and costs from suppliers €100, refundable on completion of works - Prices excluding VAT

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